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Corona Relief:


Due to Corona, no further operations are possible this year. Therefore, we can unfortunately only continue to help from afar. We will therefore continue our support with food in order to alleviate at least a little of the hardship caused by the virus for the families who are already living at the subsistence level. If it is possible for us, we will also support further projects. 

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Corona relief:


Due to Corona and the related travel restrictions, we are not able to do any operations. So we decided to support children in need and their families. In Indonesia we distributed food to urban families in very desperate financial situations. They often lost all the small jobs due to the corona lock downs. 



Every year, 9,000 children with cleft lip and palate are born in Pakistan. The high number is due to the fact that weddings within families are still a tradition. So far, only 3000 children have had the chance to be operated on each year. In February 2020 an exciting mission took me to Naushero Feroz in the province of Sindh. Everything is very poor there, there is no hotel, the hospital seems deserted at first glance. But thanks to the incredible hospitality of the Pakistani team and the extremely nice and efficient collaboration their boss Dr. Ashraf Ganatra we managed to operate 65 partially very small and malnourished patients in only 2 days. 



20 children were operated through the support of LaKi Kids. The location of our mission was Bajitpur, a small village 3 hours north of Dhaka. There, everyone is poor: People are extremely thin, the hospital, a huge Medical College, is an extremely basic facility. Hygienic conditions are not up to western standards. But the people are very nice, and we really had the feeling we were helping them. 



Another missions took place in Malawi, a small country in southern Africa. The medical conditions in this country are very underdeveloped. There is only one radiologist in the whole country. I was especially touched by the fate of little Mitra, who already drank from her mother's breast only a few minutes after waking up from the narcosis. 

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We sponsored several participants of a half marathon. For every kilometer that the participants ran we gave money to the local NGO PANDA, which supports childrens' hospitals with donations in kind. 

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In 2016 we worked a lot in both Iraq and in Palestine. In both countries our help was extremely appreciated. 



One of our main countries has been Peru. Here we worked specifically in the towns of Cajamarca and Chiclayo. This is a big contrast. We help Indian children with a team of peruvian surgeons. In Peru a lot more cleft children are born than can be operated on every year. This is due to the fact that most doctors work in the big cities, while there are no specialist surgeons working in the countryside. Especially in the mountain areas in heights of 3000 to 4000m the number of cleft children is very high. 



The very first LaKi Kids mission took place in Indonesia. Dr. Lamlé flew with a small team of Indonesian doctors to Timor. An incredible trip. The conditions in the hospital can only be described as adventurous. Nearly everything was missing. The health condition of the population is quite bad and due to very traditional structures such as in-family marriages the percentage of cleft children is quite high. But I have hardly every operated in a country where our help was more need than here. The patients and their parents were extremely grateful. 

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