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LaKi Kids International e. V. helps disadvantaged children in developing countries, both for medical and social reasons. 

The NGO was founded in Berlin in 2013. Dieter and Ulrike Lamlé, their 4 adult children Philip, Alicia, Thomas and Patricia are currently active members.  As a medical doctor Dr. Ulrike Lamlé operates cleft children herself in different countries around the world. The rest of the family supports the efforts of the NGO through personal engagement and ensures its financial wellbeing and success.


One of the reasons for us to found our own organization is that we feel we we are living on the fortunate side of life and would love to give some of our luck to those children who live under suboptimal conditions. s


Our projects are financed with the help of our network of friends and supporters who want to engage themselves in this cause. 

Currently we have approximately 50 permanent sponsors. We use the donations for the surgeries that I personally perform with local teams or for social projects that we personally supervise. We also cooperate with other organisations that have the same goals as we do like the German "Cleft Kinderhilfe"


Currently our focus is on cleft children but this might change over time. 


How you can reach us...

NGO main office: Berlin, Germany

LaKi-Kids International e.V.

Hohenfriedbergstr. 11 A

10829 Berlin




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