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During the corona pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, we support children and families in need with selected relief projects, which we coordinate with local partners.

What does it cost to operate a child? 

Our operations cost on average between $250 to $300.


This includes the care for the patients and their mothers as well as hospital cost for the operating room, for medical material and for travel and transport cost. Dr. Lamlé and all the surgeons operate without charge.  


Every donation, no matter how big or small helps

Why LaKi-Kids?

LaKi Kids International e. V. helps underprivileged children in developing countries around the world. This can be in medical but also in social aspects. 


The NGO was founded in Berlin in 2013 by Dieter and Ulrike Lamlé, their 4 adult children Philip, Alicia, Thomas and Patricia.  As a medical doctor Dr. Ulrike Lamlé operates cleft children herself in different countries around the world. The rest of the family supports the efforts of the NGO through personal engagement and ensures its financial wellbeing and success.

What do we do?

We pay for the operation of about 40 children with cleft symptoms. We ensure that they can come to the hospital for the operation and support their treatment after the operation.  The children are operated by Dr. Ulrike Lamlé in cooperation with local teams of medical doctors. It is especially important for us to go to locations that cannot be easily reached and where the children therefore often do not have access to medical services. 


Where are we active?
We started in Indonesia and Peru. We already lived in these countries and therefore had excellent contacts to local surgeons. During the last years we expanded our support among to Iraq, Palestine, Bangladesh, Philipines and Malawi to name just a few. 

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